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Respiratory Service Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Respiratory Service - Research Paper Example The proposed Respiratory Service has the following key features: The pulmonary rehabilitation programme will allow the patients with COPD to be discharged from the outpatients. "This will allow more access to the Respiratory Outpatients. Moreover by increasing the educational support to both the patients and the nursing staff the following objectives can be achieved: With this kind of a limited model of multi disciplinary working with the additional specialist respiratory practitioner and respiratory service assistant, it can be proved that with this set up and with more inputs the recommendations made by NICE can be easily achieved.3 Consequently a drop in the morbidity and reduction in the instances of hospitalization can be expected. This presentation forms the business case for a sponsorship of the Respiratory Service for a period of two years. As a part of this business case presentation an analysis of the current situation with respect to the provision of the Respiratory Service in general in Kensington and Chel... with respect to the provision of the Respiratory Service in general in Kensington and Chelsea locality as well as the situation prevailing in the Kensington and Chelsea PCT is appended to justify the increase in the number of staff for the provision of an improved service to the patients. 2.1 Diagnosis of COPD - An Overview: Present estimates indicate that in Kensington and Chelsea diagnosis of COPD is being done only in respect of only one third of the patients. It has been observed that on an average an estimated 200 people with the ailment of COPD is contained in the patients list of a GP. The following table (Table 1.1) presents the estimated and registered prevalence of COPD in the area of North West London. Table 2.1 Prevalence of COPD in NWL PCT Estimated Raw Prevalence Smoking Prevalence4 QOF Register Prevalence Est:QOF Register Ratio Lower Upper Mean Hammersmith & Fulham PCT 2,048 4,899 3,474 33.56 1,568 45.1% Hillingdon PCT 3,609 8,633 6,121 27.15 2,615 42.7% Kensington & Chelsea PCT 2,430 5,815 4,123 30.40 1,370 30.1% Westminster PCT 3,047 7,279 5,163 32.88 1,691 32.8% NW London SHA 26,038 62,248 44,143 28.16 14,820 33.6% From the above table it may be observed that in the Kensington and Chelsea area around 30 percent of the true prevalence of COPD was registered through QOF as of November 2005. 2.2 Shortcomings of the Current Care Plans in Terms of Cost Involved: On the basis of an assessment of the current level of the provision of the services it has been ascertained that the there is no integration of the care pathways which leads to lack of comprehension in the services to the patients. There is only a limited access to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation5. Since there are no ways of extending the treatment to the patients in the normal way most of the

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