Monday, February 24, 2020

Dimming the sun is not alarmist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dimming the sun is not alarmist - Essay Example The decline in the solar energy produces catastrophic affects like decrease in the evaporation that affect the formation of clouds and effecting the rain cycles of a region. However, in this research, I will discuss although the affects of the phenomenon named as the â€Å"global dimming† are catastrophic but the phenomenon is helping in maintaining the global temperatures of the world. Like the increase in the global warming verses increases in the global dimming. Scientific Data and Reasons The documentary regarding the global dimming seems to be not such that alarming as the effects of the global dimming are not as disastrous as other phenomenon like the global warming. The cause that made the issue of global dimming is the diffusion of the carbon, sulphur and nitrogenous particles to the region of lower concentration that is environment from the region of higher concentration, like the chemical and other factories, vehicles, and power generation systems. The aerosol partic les are much lighter in weight and remain suspended in the air. These aerosol particles block the solar radiation by acting as mirrors, reflecting the solar radiation back to the outer space. ... The particles in combination with the water particles act as a mirrors, reflecting the solar radiations back to the space (Ackerman et al., 1993). Before the discovery of the global dimming phenomenon, global warming was the major issue that impacted the average temperature of the world. An increase of about 0.6 to 0.8 degrees on the Celsius scale was recorded during the past decade. However, global dimming attracted many scientists all over the world. If the actions are taken to minimize the global dimming, then the amount of solar radiation received by the sun increases and thus the green house effect increases due to the increase in the atmospheric carbon-dioxide. That consequently increases the temperature of the world to a remarkable level. Scientific Data Collection and Reduction in Solar radiations Global Energy Balance Archive (GEBA) is the most reliable sources, which is maintained by the World Radiation Data Center (Gilgen et al., 1998) that can be utilized to observe the r adiation level all over the world. According to the observations by the GEBA, the regions with more industrial zones and more number of vehicles and with excessive population are the major contributors in increasing the global dimming as well as global warming as compared to the low populated countries. According to the observations, an average decline of about 4% in the solar radiations is noted in the past three decades to 1990s all around the world. However, after 1990s a major reduction in the solar radiations is noted industrial revolution, increase in the need for power and increase in the number of vehicles all around the world (Liepert 2002). There is more reduction in the solar

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