Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Gun Control Essay

Guns kill many innocent people every year. Some states require permits for guns and some states do not. There are many laws put in to effect to control guns. The main two laws that will be covered in this essay are just and unjust laws when it comes to gun control. (A just law is a man-made code squares with the moral law.) (An unjust law is that is out of harmony with the moral law) meaning that the† unjust law is not a law at all.† People have always been interested in using weapons for various reasons. The Constitution legally established the right for any law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms, yet proponents of gun control wish to steadily erode this law through regulation and legislation. Some people collect gun as collectors while some use them for protection and others use them for hunting. The term gun control is just that, a steady relentless effort to seize control by chipping away at the edges of the law until is gone entirely. While some people oppose the idea, others claim that the government should introduce tighter gun controls. The first argument of the opponents of strict gun control laws is that most people own guns to protect themselves. They claim that guns are necessary for self-defense because the police are unable to stop violent crime. Opponents further maintain that citizens keep guns to feel safe and defend themselves and their families whenever the need arises. Therefore, gun control laws disarm only the innocent people who obey the laws. Gun laws can protect people while the  same law can get someone injured, due to self-defense. No law should ever be broken because they are here to protect the people, so they say. If everyone abided by this gun law there will be no one in jail for shooting someone. There has to be something out there to help everyone understand the significance of the gun law, but there are always the opposers that make everything hard to understand. How can someone protect their family if they  cannot have guns, but the enemy â€Å"law breaker† will get their hands on one and cause harm to someone or even to their self. By not being able to protect their family makes it hard for someone to abide by these gun control laws. Every man should be able to protect their home with a gun as long the guns is kept in a safe place with child proof locks on them. Another argument put forward by people who are against gun-control is that many people keep the guns for sport and recreation. According to the opponents, these gun-owners are responsible citizens who do not intend to harm anyone. They further say that shooting and hunting are sports which many people enjoy, and gun control take firearms from hobbyist and hunters. Hunters are just trying to provide food for their families as a result of the gun law their family might starve. No one ever think about things like that they only think about how someone can be injured or killed when it comes to guns. Shooting sports can be relaxing but the gun law makes them stressful. Guns can really be dangerous when it is put in the hand of the wrong person in wrong in the wrong mind frame; therefor gun laws affect everyone that deals with some sort of guns. Most people think that gun control is absurd due to the fact that everyone doesn’t think the same way. Most sportsmen is against gun control because before the law came about they was able to live free and not worry about the violence these guns was causing. Hunters can’t hang their guns in the back window of their pick-up truck no more due to the  control laws. There should be a background check done for everyone before buying a gun so everyone don’t have to suffer for someone else mistakes. Some hunters think that gun control laws are too stiff. Guns have been around for a long time and really had no restrictions on them now hunters and sportsmen have to pay close attention to these laws so they won’t go to jail. Hunters think the gun law is unjust, while everyone else thinks it is just. (An unjust law is no law at all) makes it hard to distinguish between a just law. Recreational use for gun can be harmful to if someone is using that gun for the first time. Going to the gun range can be a stress reliever for some people and target practice for others. Needless to say but everyone no matter of age or experience should know the gun law if they going to be using a gun. Although some people oppose gun control law, others support  the idea because it may reduce the crime and accidental shootings. The reason of gun control law claims that not owning a gun can decrease the homicide that is happing. They assert that most murder victims are killed by firearms. It is also maintained that in robberies and assaults, victims are more likely to die when the criminal is armed with a gun than when he has another weapon. Most rappers rap about killing so if the kids start listening to this music they will start trying to be like the rappers, because young listeners indulge into rap music. A gun can be purchased in my different places and that’s how kids end up with them. Another reason why people oppose the gun law is because if everyone was able to carry a gun most of these killing by guns would not be happing. People must protect their self at all time because these gun laws can be for or against anyone. Most homicides with guns involved lead to people going to jail because they think they are bigger than the law, people must learn that laws are here to protect citizens. Martin Luther King Jr was killed by a gun and he was a non-violent person. People should be more like Dr. King and use the (non-violent) approach to solve any problem. An unarmed person is prone to a homicide due to the fact they can’t protect them self against an armed individual with a gun. The gun law should help people instead of hurting them. Many crimes can be stopped if the people stop be selfish. Murders happen every day and everywhere but it’s up to the people to stop them or at least decrease the rate of them happening. Guns should only be used by the military at war time but not to kill just to scare. Many people know the law some just think that it is put into effect or pertain to the ones that committing these homicides. The effects of gun control also assert the stricter laws can prevent accidental shooting especially among children. Children have a tendency to play with their parent’s gun because they think it is a toy. Parents should always keep their firearms in a safe with a child proof lock in the trigger well of their gun. If all parents that own guns lock the guns up and keep it away from their kids there would be less school shootings. A lot of youngster can be easily influenced by violent video games and TV shows that promote violence, therefore the gun laws should be tighter. Most youths today rather are out in the streets with the  wrong crowd than at home learning how to prevent homicides or accidental death due to gun control. Kids don’t know right from wrong unless their parents teach them. A lot of kids lost their lives because the parents didn’t know how to secure their guns correctly. The gun law is people should know if they want to own a firearm. In order to reach out and get the attention of the youth there has to be more parents getting involved in their kids’ lives and teach them about these gun laws if they got gun in their homes. To sum up, the opponents of gun control believe that tighter laws restrict only people who use firearms for self-protection or recreation whereas those who are in favor of gun control  claim that guns cause more harms than benefits. However, it is obvious that gun ownership is very risky, so it is necessary for the governments to introduce stricter gun laws and educate people about the firearms. With stronger gun control laws, the crime and murder rates will most likely decrease all over the world. Gun don’t kill people it the people who is not gun law educated that kills people. The gun control law was put into effect to help the citizens not to kill off the population, but many people is still getting hurt or kill by someone pulling the trigger on a gun. 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