Saturday, October 19, 2019

The New Testament and its influence on Homosexuality Term Paper

The New Testament and its influence on Homosexuality - Term Paper Example The Bible is a religious scripture and is the foundation of Christianity around the world. Bible ‘s new testament has laid down certain principles regarding the human lifestyle, ethical and moral standards one need to follow to prove to be god – loving person. Considering homosexuality, one can see that Bible points it to be a most abominable sin. Homosexuality is in no way regarded as a favorable sexual activity by Jesus or other prophets. Primarily, it is Moses who did condemn homosexuality and categorized it as a capital crime. Apart from him, Apostle Paul considered homosexuals worthy of death penalty. Even though homosexual behavior was seen among people of Bible era, these were practiced secretly,Homosexuality was seen as a social taboo and people looked at them as sinners and atrocious personalities.The New Testament specifically accepts a marriage between a man and a woman as a perfect sexual union. It is detestable to engage in sexual activity with same sex peop le as it is against God and nature. Bible recommends that by natural selection men are supposed to unite with women and anything against it is sin and unspiritual behavior. There are of evil nature and does not fit into the category of law – abiding citizens.Homosexual acts are considered to be extremely shameful according to Bible and these individuals are observed as immoral and sinners. The homosexuals were seen as indulgers of sin and were given death penalty or other punishments which were heinous. Homosexual acts are seen as ritual transgression and their blood is interpreted as guilty. Not only Bible, even Hebrew scripture view homosexuality as abomination. Both the parties involved in this unnatural act are given punishment without excuse. As prisons were absent in those days, capital punishment was the answer to all despicable crimes. It is described how Gods hate homosexuals and it is classified as a practice completely against natural law of God. 2â€Å"Whether or not a person accepts what the Bible says concerning this subject, he will have to

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