Sunday, November 17, 2019

Devise a business plan for a start up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Devise a business plan for a start up - Essay Example 1. Firstly, the business plan will act as a guide by which the shareholders of the firm will be able to manage and direct the growth and activities that will take place. As such, the guidance and framework which will be put forward, as well as time sensitive goals and metrics, will assist the aforementioned shareholders in developing a comprehensive business plan suited to addressing many of the needs that will doubtless present themselves to the business. As with any business, the overarching objective of ABC Immigration is to provide a wide and diverse array of legal and counseling services that will serve the client base with the peculiar needs that any and all immigration related questions and concerns would likely generate. Furthermore, the eventual goal will be to become something of a market leader within the geographic region with regards to immigration issues. 1. Profit: As with any firm, the primary motivator is to provide a profit to the shareholders by a means of sufficient growth and development of the firm and the services that are offered. In this way, the profit objective fits in with the following objectives as the ultimate end towards which the others work. 2. Growth: As a means to differentiate the business, add services, and provide a higher quality of services to the customer as well as providing a higher profit margin through differentiation of services, the growth of the firm is a secondary objective. Purpose: The purpose of the firm exists to provide professional, helpful, affordable, and timely legal counseling to the customers that seek such services. In this manner, the company exists for the sole purpose of providing the aforementioned services to the individuals companies that avail themselves of the services that ABC Immigration offers. Vision: The firm envisions itself as successful only by providing the

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