Thursday, November 21, 2019

Study plan (essay) for studying abroad application Essay

Study plan ( ) for studying abroad application - Essay Example I anticipate to study international law, environmental economics, global environmental system, and introduction to environmental science. These subjects will broaden my knowledge in global environment and prepare me for future career as an environment professional at UNEP, which is my dream career. According to Stanley (2004, pp31-32), international law entails a variety of treaties and traditions, which control the conduct of sovereign states among themselves and people who trade or have legal relationships that involve the jurisdiction of more than one state. Since my future dream is to work with UNEP, studies in environmental economics, global environmental system and international law will equip me with necessary knowledge and skills to work in the international organization. In my academic sojourn in Korea, I intend to finally specialize in environmental science and international law. By studying these courses, I want to achieve knowledge on how environmental issues are dealt with not only in Korea but also globally. Currently, the world is facing a myriad of environmental challenges, such as climatic change, disasters and conflicts, ecosystem management, emission of harmful substances to the environment in addition to improper utilization of natural resources (United Nations Environment Programme, 2004, p14). I intend to enroll in the college of law, technology and in college of science at Korea University. At the college of law, I aspire to study courses in international and environmental law, in addition to human rights law. In the college of science and technology I intend to enroll for environmental engineering courses, which will equip me with relevant knowledge and skills. These include offering amicable solutions to global warming, and initiating environmentally friendly initiatives. Outside the classroom, I want to learn more about the Korean culture, especially gaining more understanding on their language and other

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